The Program

Choose among daytime dance and music workshops, and spend the evenings dancing rousing contras, squares, and couples dances. Late night activities, a Chesapeake Dance Weekend hallmark, include jamming, dancing, socializing, and generally whoopin' it up! Enjoy delicious and healthy meals in the company of friends, sun yourself on the deck, walk in the woods, leave the everyday world behind, be exhilarated and rejuvenated ... it's all waiting here for you at Camp Letts, on the beautiful shores of the Chesapeake Bay, less than an hour from the heart of Washington, DC.

Calling and teaching by:

Will Mentor
Contras and Squares

Janine Smith
Contras and Squares

Ed Fizdale & Su Peck
Honky Tonk Dancing

And these fabulous bands:

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller
with Joe Dejarnette

Alexander Mitchell, Dave Wiesler, and Paul Oorts

Rachel Eddy & the Rock Farmers
Rachel Eddy, Jonathan Vocke, and Jay White