Scholarship Information

Work Scholarships are DISCOUNTS of $50 off each registration category, available in exchange for tasks of approximately four hours worth of work. If you are interested in a Scholarship, please read the responsibilities associated with each individual scholarship. If you wish to apply to an available position, please contact the registrar directly. Of course, we’ll do our best to give you your first choice of scholarship, but we cannot guarantee it.

Example Opportunities

Performer Chauffeur Gopher
Duties may include:

  • Pick up performers from airport and drive them to camp.
  • Drive performers from camp after the weekend is over.
  • Drive performers to Glen Echo for Sunday night dance.
  • Drive performers from Glen Echo to their host’s home.
  • Drive performers from their host’s home to airport on Monday morning.

Floor Care Technician
Assist floor care guru wielding push-mops to keep dance floors in the dining room and Fisher hall clean throughout the weekend.

Snack Table Attendant
Set up, break down, and clean up evening dance break snack extravaganza for one of the evening dances (Friday, Saturday).

Clothing Exchange Director
Set up clothing exchange, maintain it, and break it down on Sunday afternoon. Convey all unclaimed items to a thrift store.

Perpetual Food Table Specialists
There is a snack table in the dining hall with fruit, peanut butter, soy butter, assorted jams, and assorted bread. This job is to restock the food as necessary and keep the area clean. The remaining food must be cleaned up when camp closes at 4:00 PM Sunday.

Fisher Hall Party Enabler
Clean up Saturday morning, before first workshop. Set up snacks, etc. for party Saturday evening. Clean up after party on Sunday morning, before gospel sing. Take down and put away decorations on Sunday afternoon.


Once again, if you have any questions, please contact the registrar.